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We create interactive, innovative & scalable apps for startups, SME's & enterprises.


The WMarketplace

The WMarketplace is an e-commerce marketplace and accelerator owned by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs. The mission is to close the economic gender gap by empowering women entrepreneurs to grow and thrive while providing a destination for consumers to shop their values.


Tradewinds Marketplace

At Tradewinds Marketplace, the platform is dedicated to revolutionizing global trade by diversifying opportunities and empowering businesses worldwide. With its comprehensive suite of tools and innovative platform, we connect sellers and buyers from around the globe, enabling them to expand their reach, forge valuable partnerships, and thrive in the global economy.



Winsight is a mobile application that allows registered users to live stream sports events, broadcast to users, create highlights from the event recording and share tagged moments with other registered users.


Agency Cloud

Agency Cloud is a cloud based CRM software that offers powerful tools to manage and distribute leads, streamline the sales process, and scale the customer lifecycle. The tool offers Lead Management, Client quotes and insurance enrollment, Client relationship management, Policy Management, Agent Commission management and Analytics and Reporting services.



Memom is a mobile application that helps mothers (Moms) manage their children's activities and monitor their health. This app allows Moms to create a family ecosystem and track their children's growth, medical appointments, important messages from doctors, and track their school events and educational activities.



Synergite is a Human Resource Management tool which is used for Recruiting and Onboarding candidates via various sources. As part of the onboarding feature, the candidates are qualified and then onboarded through a series of steps. This tool also has an inbuilt mechanism for recruiting managers to track the onboarding status and expedite the process with alerts if required. With onboarding and recruitment modules, additionally this tool also has value added features such as attendance and timesheet management, employee off-boarding, expense management, clients and vendors onboarding features.