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Job impacted by COVID-19? Synergy Technologies would like to help!

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, the job and financial losses have been staggering nationally and the impact is being felt in our Northeast Florida community. Individuals and families alike are finding themselves out of work, sometimes for the first time in many years. Additionally, applying and interviewing for jobs has also been affected by the pandemic.

In an effort to give back to the community that has been so good to us, Synergy is offering FREE services to help job seekers to get rehired by Northeast Florida Employers.

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Synergy Technologies and Project: Wingman are here to help you to understand how to build a better resume, learn new and modern video conference techniques and even provide insight on how to nail your interview.

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Build A Better Resume

Reviewing Your Resume

Social Profile Updating

Video Conferencing

Interview Skills Review

Network Connections

Build Your Resume

Your resume is your potential employer’s first impression! It shares your skills and past work experiences and often determines whether you receive a call for an interview – or not. Having a complete and polished resume ready to share may be the key to getting your next gig.

When you create your resume you are marketing yourself to the world. Tell your story!

  • What are your skills, background, and education?
  • Do you have any prior experience in the field that you are applying for?
  • How do your skills and abilities help the employer fill their need?

Employers use resumes to select the candidates that will move forward in the interview process, so a poor one can disqualify you and a stellar one can move you to the front of the line.

Keys to a great resume –

  • Keep it Simple – use traditional fonts and include good contact information
  • Use Highlights – often hiring managers skim for keywords and positions
  • Review and Revise – get a second set of eyes on your resume before sending
  • Recent and Relevant – 10 to 15 years of history and match skills against need
  • Careful Curation – more than 5 bullets in any one section may not be read 
  • Use Keywords – tools are used to sort and cull resumes based on keywords
  • Be Prepared – clear explanations of your details will be part of the interview 

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Let our experts help you take your resume to the next level.

Resume Review

All done?   Not so fast….Now that you have a complete review of your skills, experiences and education, it is time to make sure it is set up to get you the interview. The Synergy Technologies Recruiting teams spend more time reviewing resumes than any other activity. They will bring their expertise to bear in evaluating yours. Sign up below and you will get a professional review of your resume and suggestions for improvement.

Looking for –

  • Simple Errors – even great authors use proofreaders
  • Powerful Words – good words strengthen and poor ones detract
  • Clear Timeline – unexplained gaps in the job history are a red flag
  • Details – sharing outcomes and value added is stronger than just duties 
  • Keywords – applicant tracking systems use keywords for screening
  • Brevity – a concise resume of two pages is the goal

Ready to review your resume?

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Social Profile Review


Professional social networks like LinkedIn allow workers and businesses to have interactions with one another via the internet. Having an online presence can be vital in many professional fields.  Creating a profile page is important and should not be entered into lightly, as the information you share and the business connections you make all become part of your digital history. Additionally, your profile may be the place that your next employer finds you or does homework on you before a job offer is made.

We recommend writing your profile as if you were chasing a job with your dream employer. Use clear language that has been proofread and include keywords and positions that may be picked up by recruitment professionals that regularly use these sites to identify talent. With an professional social profile, you truly will get out of it what you put into it.


  • Do use a professional photo with simple background
  • Do ensure that your dates and titles are correct
  • Do take time to create a meaningful summary
  • Do check your social profile regularly


  • Don’t post content that is unprofessional
  • Don’t share questionable humor or materials
  • Don’t overstate your skills or experiences
  • Don’t replace human interaction with a tool

Ready to review your profile?

Let our experts show you how to ensure your online presence is good to go.

Video Conferencing Tips and Techniques

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the use of video conferencing tools as an alternative for classes in schools, meetings for companies and reunions with families. Due to this increased volume of use, it is imperative for everyone to have a basic understanding of some common and widely-used tools, as these tools have become the new normal. Additionally and regardless of the tool, there are a number of simple things that will make your conference or interview better. 

Tips to improve your interview or conference –


  • Test the software beforehand with a friend or family member
  • Check microphone and camera to ensure functionality
  • Use mute when you are not the speaker
  • Control your environment – the lighting and background are critical
  • Do not place call on hold – hold music will play – use mute instead
  • No distractions – kids, dogs, and any noises should be considered
  • Phone and Computers used together can cause feedback – open the tool first and have the tool call your phone!

    Ready to learn more about Video Conferencing?

    Let our experts walk you through new techniques.

    Interview Skills Review

    The key to a great interview is to be prepared!  Know the employer’s business and how your skills can help them.  Know what is in your resume.  Prepare for typical interview questions by rehearsing.  Our team helps people get ready for interviews every day and we can get you in position to interview with confidence and get your next job!


    • Do research the company – know their business
    • Do dress professionally and be well-groomed
    • Do rehearse for common questions
    • Do bring a copy of your resume
    • Do maintain eye contact and a positive attitude
    • Do thank the interviewer for their time
    • Do send a thank you email after the interview


    • Don’t speak informally – use proper language
    • Don’t overstate – be truthful, but not overly humble
    • Don’t overtalk – answer the questions concisely
    • Don’t speak poorly about past jobs or complain
    • Don’t stray off topic – stay focused
    • Don’t fidget or slouch – body language is important
    • Don’t share inappropriate humor – if you think it is, it is

    Ready to nail your interview?

    Let our experts show you about new trends, new technology and help you stay up to date.

    Learn About Networking Connections

    One of the most common and effective methods for people to obtain a job is to use their personal “network”, however, some workers do not have such a luxury. Synergy can help alleviate the issue by introducing displaced workers to our large network, so that those who need it can use it to get their next job!

    Ready to Establish More Network Connections?

    Let us show you how improving your network connections can help to broader your search parameters.

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