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Synergy Technologies

Project: Estuary launching in Northeast Florida

Synergy Technologies launches local program to develop IT talent needed in Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville, FL:  Synergy Technologies announces the launch of Project: Estuary for Northeast Florida.  Project: Estuary is designed to help identify and develop local talent in the IT industry so that regional companies do not have to go outside the area to find new employees. Through classes that will focus on the technical needs of local corporations and that are taught by seasoned experts, Project: Estuary will expand opportunities for Northeast Florida job seekers and give local companies the ability to find and hire talent.

The initial offering of Project: Estuary will be a comprehensive course on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will target those displaced by COVID-19, veterans and local students. AWS is a cloud computing technology, used for websites and web services by leading companies around the globe including Amazon, Adobe, Netflix, and Airbnb. Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources that  does not require direct active management by the user. The AWS classes will commence on July 6th, 2020 and will include both in-class learning and practical application projects. The classes will be led by an industry expert in AWS architecture. The program is free to participants and will be delivered at Synergy’s headquarters in downtown Jacksonville.

“We believe that we have a wealth of talent here in Northeast Florida, and we want to bolster the opportunities and the local economy by ensuring that people are trained in skills that can be put to use here immediately,” says Raj Nettem, co-founder of Synergy. 

“The project is interesting because the approach includes technologies that are widely needed in the region, includes a variety of participants, targets real world issues in its delivery and seeks to support the needs of the corporate community. This model may be one that could be replicated to address the technical skills gap in the area,” shared Anna Lebesch, the Vice President of Talent Development for JaxUSA Partnership.

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About Synergy: Synergy is a global professional services firm that offers a wide range of technical resource solutions to our clients. Founded in 2006, Synergy has stayed committed to providing quality recruitment services, a positive work environment for our talent, and the satisfaction of our clients. Recently Synergy has relocated to downtown Jacksonville and built-out a 70-seat Offsite Development Center to better serve its project-based initiatives worldwide.

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