The talent you need in a variety of Engagement models

We provide you with top-quality talent, save you time and in whatever engagement model you wish. Projects often get short-circuited by a lack of talent and our goal is to take that concern off of your list of potential roadblocks.  We are fully committed to providing you with candidates that are fully vetted so you will not waste any time culling people who are not a technical and cultural fit for your needs. We find, evaluate, and deliver skilled professionals for your projects and teams.


Often, you experience upticks in the demand for qualified staff when planning new projects.  We can quickly and expertly find you the talent you need, while not wasting your time with people who don’t fit your technical requirements or aren’t a fit for your corporate culture.  It may be that you need one person, or many – we can help!


There can be times where you have engaged a person as a consultant that you would like to bring onto your team permanently, or you would like the ‘try before you buy’ approach to adding full-time staff.  In either case, we are able to accommodate your requirements and to bring you candidates that will fit all of your needs and save you time in the recruitment process.

Permanent placement

Many companies have seen the extremely competitive IT Talent Acquisition landscape and realize that engaging a firm with expertise in this space is the most productive way to navigate it.  At Synergy, we take pride in our proven ability to find candidates that will be a part of your staff from Day One and we stand behind all of our placements.

Crafted Technical Solutions


We have nearly two decades of experience providing superior technical resources to major healthcare providers, insurance networks, and hospitals.  We have been instrumental in designing, developing, and deploying major initiatives for GuideWell/Florida Blue’s Web and Mobile project, a major platform that has enabled them to maintain their position as Florida’s #1 Healthcare Insurance provider. 

technical expertise areas

We are not limited to one technology stack or one product line.  We have proven out ability to find talented professionals for Java-based, .NET, Mainframe, and even mid-range platforms and applications.  Our versatility benefits you by allowing you to choose the products and platforms that best suit your needs with the confidence that we will provide you with the professionals to bring your visions to fruition. 


At Synergy, we have a proven track record of working with our clients to help create a project-based list of deliverables down to the feature level.  We have been able to consistently demonstrate 14%+ cost savings to our clients while meeting aggressive deadlines with full functionality. We are fully capable of supporting a project using onsite, remote, and hybrid approaches, including the use of our Offsite Development Center.


It is often difficult to track and to efficiently operate when you have a number of diverse IT staffing needs, covering numerous teams and applications.   We have the expertise to coordinate and to streamline your processes and to help you realize cost savings and prevent interruptions to your front-line management team.  We seamlessly integrate with your IT and Talent Acquisition organizations, providing a controlled pathway for distributing requirements, evaluating resumes, scheduling interviews, and onboarding consultants.  We also provide metrics and reports to show where the process is working and how to eliminate any potential roadblocks to getting your organization the help that it needs.

Synergy's Staffing Process


Nothing gets done until everyone agrees on what the goals are – see how we do it.


In sourcing the right candidate, the best work requires the best people – we find them!


We get in-depth with our candidate interviews so that you can have confidence.


Drilling down by seasoned technical staff gets a true evaluation of a person’s skills.


We provide concise and easily read documents in any format and for any system.