As with any complex and challenging task, the best way to achieve your goals is to have a well-defined and repeatable process. Adhering to the process, and adjusting it when situations change (such as a major shift in where people desire to work), puts on the track to success.

The following are key steps in our process.

Synergy's Staffing Process


Nothing gets done until everyone agrees on what the goals are – see how we do it.


In sourcing the right candidate, the best work requires the best people – we find them!


We get in-depth with our candidate interviews so that you can have confidence.


Drilling down by seasoned technical staff gets a true evaluation of a person’s skills.


We provide concise and easily read documents in any format and for any system.

Assess the Need

Assess the need

The first step in targeting and hiring the correct person for an opportunity is making sure the client need fits in with our goals. Do we have enough information about the position? Do we know the technical requirements, the location, and the planned compensation? Has the budget been approved? Is the client ready to make a decision quickly? If the answer is not a resounding ‘yes’, then this is not an opportunity for us to pursue; it will most likely waste people’s time and efforts.

Source Candidates

Once we are certain that we have all the necessary details, we utilize every means possible to find the candidates that will fit the requirement. We use traditional and emerging methods to discover the best people: IT work groups, personal and staff referrals, social and business media, traditional job boards, targeted communications, and many others. New candidates are highly sought by many firms and we approach the issue in many ways to achieve top-notch results.

Source the Candidate
Personal Interview

Personal Interview

Before we drill down deeply into a person’s technical qualifications, we spend time with them in a personal setting trying to learn more about the candidate and their goals. In interviewing them, we can get a good assessment of their communication skills, their reason for seeking a new opportunity, and many other nuanced attributes that will provide with information about how this person fits the opportunity. We also fully vet that they fit the client’s needs in terms of pay, location, and expected responsibilities. At that point, we can address the technical portion of the requirement.

Technical Interview

Even if the candidate is a great communicator and fits well into the client’s culture, we cannot proceed without verifying their technical skills. We have several methods that are in our toolkit for this evaluation process. We can utilize on-line testing or coding exercises, direct interviews with one of the technical experts from our team, and professional references from prior engagement. Having the flexibility to tailor our approach to the needs of the client ensures that we only present fully-qualified candidates.

Technical Interview
Present to Client

Present to client

After the full qualification process has been completed, we then submit the candidate’s professional resume to the client in the format that they specify. Our seasoned recruiters and management staff prepare and review the presentation documents to make sure that they contain all the pertinent information that will allow them to make a decision on what next steps to take. They can do so with the confidence that any candidate they receive from Synergy is technically proficient and meets all of the ancillary requirements for the opportunity. Hiring managers will not have to waste any time, sifting through a multitude of less-than-appropriate candidates.