IoT Software Development

Internet of Things providing distributed controls and data collection

We help companies to explore innovative deployments of IoT across a variety of industries. We have IoT teams providing development services to deliver smart IoT applications that extend the capabilities of IoT devices.

IoT application development is different from traditional application development as the IoT ecosystem must be considered. Hardware and software in this space are changing quickly just like the communication toolsets that support them. We help companies build and deploy cloud-based solutions that help improve the collection of customer data and provide them insights from the data to act on.

Iot Application Development

Developing applications in native, web, or hybrid in any OS that work with the sensors and microcomputers in everything from wearables to specialty hardware. Additionally, integrating state of the art business intelligence software for generating and sharing actionable insights.

Iot Database Solutions

Deploying cloud-hosted NoSQL databases that are highly available, scalable and fault tolerant is a service we provide to the companies we service. Integrating managed IoT databases like MongoDB and Cassandra and ensuring data capture is complete and correct also falls in this category.

Wearable Devices

Enabling wearable devices in a variety of forms that allow for remote monitoring and instant data collection and managing them on cloud-based platforms like Azure, AWS and GCP are all services that we can help procure or provide for the customers we service.

Synergy's Software Design Process



Translate your initial vision and requirements into an effective project blueprint.


Layout your creative design, architecture, and frameworks for your application.


Construct your application through a collaborative, detailed and iterative process.


Quality reassurance and testing to ensure your project is ready for the spotlight.


After the project is complete, deployed and live,  we’re there to provide support.