Cloud Services

Cloud migrations, transformations and optimizations supported

We help plan, execute and manage your cloud initiative by providing resources and expertise.  After careful analysis of your business needs and future goals, we can help design your application architecture for the right cloud-based infrastructure sizing, configuration, and monitoring.

We have extensive knowledge in cloud computing software development to help you select, configure, and manage your cloud hosting solution, and design your application specifically for a cloud vendor of your choice, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Heroku.


We fully review your infrastructure and applications in order to ensure that the Cloud environment is designed to optimize your performance and platforms.


A vital piece the way we create a Cloud environment to assure your success is designing and building a framework that best suits your needs.


No matter your choice of Cloud platform – AWS, Azure, IBM, or another technology, we can provide full hosting services that will meet all of your needs.

Synergy's Software Design Process



Translate your initial vision and requirements into an effective project blueprint.


Layout your creative design, architecture, and frameworks for your application.


Construct your application through a collaborative, detailed and iterative process.


Quality reassurance and testing to ensure your project is ready for the spotlight.


After the project is complete, deployed and live,  we’re there to provide support.