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At Synergy, we strive to deliver solutions based on our clients’ needs, not just a one-size-fits-all offering. We utilize our adept ability to recruit, as well as retain, top-notch talent to assist clients who need expert individual help or large-scale projects. 

Story of Synergy

Synergy was founded in 2006 by experienced IT professionals with the belief that an innovative and well-run company that truly understands technology would drive tremendous benefits to clients and staff. Our commitment to this vision has helped us grow from a small firm into a mature company that has the proven ability to provide enterprise-level service offerings.

We began with small projects that helped us refine our methodology and then progressed to larger projects in conjunction with our clients’ needs and with their direction. This grew into even larger projects that were led by Synergy. We have the proven ability to help our clients substantially, regardless of the size or type of the project. Once we have clarity, the relentless pursuit of a successful outcome begins.

We utilize our seasoned technical expertise and proven abilities in talent recruitment and retention to create an atmosphere that is ripe for success. We reward entrepreneurial thinking and always strive to exceed expectations.


Client-focused professional services delivered on or offsite that satisfies on the commitments made to both our Clients and our Talent.


  • To providing quality recruitment on and offshore
  • To creating a positive work environment for our talent
  • To embrace diversity and inclusion in our workforce
  • To delivering our projects on time and on budget
  • To satisfying the Clients we service and the Talent we employ
Synergy Recruiting

How is Synergy successful with taking on this variety of technical effort?

Our talented team, of course!


It ALL centers on recruiting and retaining the right technical resources for the right opportunities. We have put together a formidable talent acquisition teams led by seasoned industry veterans

We are proud to call these companies our clients.

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Our Diversity

Synergy believes that diversity, equality, and inclusion are fundamental to a vibrant, relevant and growing technology consultancy. They are also suitable for business. We also believe that together, we are better, safer and far more capable.

Synergy is founded and run by entrepreneurs – people who are not afraid to invest in essential endeavors or make money. We believe in innovation and support it both directly and indirectly in the work we engage. We demonstrate this in our new product development initiatives. Our diversity sets us apart from our competition and is what makes us who we are.
















Synergy Recruiting

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